Cake Sisters Bakeries | About
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Who We Are

We are Cake Sisters Bakeries (pty) LTD, incorporated on the 15/04/15. Our company is a family owned business, co-owned by Mamokete Motaung, Masabata Motaung, Julia Tsotetsi and Bongani Mashinini. Collectively we have vast experience in the baking industry, finance and production environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to dominate the SADC region in confectionary baking market by producing customised cakes that are available within three hours of customers request and our production sites will be operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We going to be highly involved in food and pastry production, in our group of companies.

Our Mission

Cake sisters bakeries is a cake bakery focusing on offering products that are off high quality at reasonable prices. We see ourselves as partners with our employees, customers, suppliers and the community at large. We have positioned ourselves to become well recognised brand name and aiming to have 70% of the market share in the Vaal region. In the next three years. Our goal is to have sustainable growth, annual profitability, and continuously giving back to the community.